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Our mission is to motivate and inspire women to speak up and let their voices be heard through audio, video, and print.

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Fast Facts 

  • established since July 2009 by Sarah Benzoe  
  • for women of all ages  
  • topics include business, career, entertainment, fashion, finance, home & decor, real estate, self-defense tactics and many others  
  • contributors comes from all walks of life, armed with years of experiences who are passionate about sharing their knowledge to fellow women through audio, video and text  
  • daily update of new articles and video clips contributed by women around the world  
  • reaches out to over 10,000 women each month (members and subscribers of its newsletter, podcast, forum, etc)  
  • average length of visit per visitor: 10 minutes  



Suggested Questions for Interviews

with Founder/ Publisher, Sarah Benzoe:

  • When did you know you wanted to become an entrepreneur?  
  • What challenges did you face?  
  • Who supported you along the way?  
  • What are the ways companies can use online video to promote their products and services?  
  • How many people read your online magazine?  
  • How many people work for the company?  
  • How do you find good people to work for and/ or with the company?  
  • What’s next in the development of the company?  
  • Based on your experience, why do you think there is a huge demand for an online publication like yours?  
  • How big will the company get?  

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"absolutely exciting experience a must have."

-- John Drock, UK

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