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Avail yourself to some timely scriptural articles in the new issue of Outstanding Woman Magazine. Secure your copy Today!!! Available at selected newsagents or request yours by email at info@outstandingwoman.org

Print Adverts  

Issued: Quarterly
Gutter Safety: 4”
Full Bleed: 8 s” x 11 8”
Trim Size: 8 a” x 10 d”
Live Area: 7 2” x 10”
Spread Trim Size: 10 d” x 16 w”
Spread Bleed Size: 11 8” x 17”
Line Screen:
B/W 133, Color 150
Ink Density: Max 300
Printing: Web offset - 4-Color Process Binding: Perfect Bound 



e-mail: advert@outstandingwoman.org

  • Acceptable File Formats for e-mail
  • TIFF
  • Photoshop EPS-binary encoding
  • Illustrator EPS-preferably with fonts converted to outlines, or fonts supplied with file
  • PDF file Image Quality Settings:
  • All images should be set to a minimum of 300 dots per inch (dpi) for clean, crisp output. Color mode must be CMYK. (Note: Opening a 72 dpi and changing it to a 300 dpi will not improve the quality of output)


Make EPS files CMYK, not RGB. Pantone callouts are
acceptable with the understanding that they will be converted to CMYK on output. If an image is imported into Illustrator, make sure that it meets the above settings for proper output.

PDF files:

When creating a PDF file, use the following list as a guide to create. (Use Acrobat Distiller.) Embed all fonts, subset all embedded fonts below 100%, leave color unchanged, preserve overprint settings, do NOT downsample any images, do NOT compress any images. These settings allow the file to be edited for output by Adobe Acrobat or Illustrator, to allow for the best quality output. Include all FONTS & SUPPORTING ARTWORK used in the creation of the submitted document. Make all art a minimum of 300 dpi.

  • Ad Send: Code is Camvo.
    Indicate issue/magazine
  • Types Of Disks Accepted:
    Zip 100, 3” diskette, CD Rom

Document Applications:

  • Quark Xpress 
  • Pagemaker
  • Art Applications: Adobe
  • Freehand
  • Art created in other programs must be saved as an EPS or TIFF format.

Proofs: Provide one printed proof (b/w or color) for each document
submitted for the completed ad.
 Type Safety on bleed page is 1/4”
from the trimmed size. Safety Size: 4” all around. Clearly Label: All art/disks.

For Logos on General Ads:

  • Submit velox or camera ready logo. 
  • Business cards or letter head. 
  • E-mail capabilities. 

Production Charges:

Charges will be made to advertiser or agency at commercial rates corrections from the following material:

original artwork, mechanical, photographs, transparencies and computer disks. No cancellations accepted after closing date for space reservations.


Purchase Orders accepted. 2% discount within 10 days of invoice date; terms net 30 days.


Supplied or in-house produced inserts are accepted. Contact your account Executive for rates and detail.
Reprints: Rates available upon request.
Advertorial: Rates available upon request.


Liability for content (text and artwork included) of all advertising is assumed by advertiser and/or its advertising agency. Any claims made against the publisher arising from advertising, that may expense or loss thereto pertaining, will be assumed by advertiser and/or the signature of the advertiser.

Conditions of contract are subject to change without notice. All copy, including all elements, are subject to publisher's approval. Positioning of
advertisement is subject to publisher's discretion except when specific preferred positions are available and covered by contract. An insertion
order, purchase order, or approved letter of intent will serve as a non-refundable, official contract for reserving ad space.



"absolutely exciting experience a must have."

-- John Drock, UK

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