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Avail yourself to some timely scriptural articles in the new issue of Outstanding Woman Magazine. Secure your copy Today!!! Available at selected newsagents or request yours by email at info@outstandingwoman.org

Submission - Writer's Guidelines

Outstanding Woman Magazine does not accept unsolicited manuscripts. Queries for the following, may be e-mailed to editor@outstandingwoman.org.  We suggest that you review past issues for more ideas and information on this column!

Suggested Article length:

One Column: 225 words
Two Columns: 400 words
One Page: 600 words

Outstanding Woman Magazine accepts query letters on other topics as well, excluding fiction, poetry or self-promoting articles. When writing an article please keep in mind that our goal is, “...to inspire, educate, motivate mentor women.” Please be sure the article falls into at least one of these categories, with all articles having a “woman” and “biblical” perspective.

Query letters should be e-mailed and include:
1. A summary describing the article idea
2. The purpose and its value to readers
3. The author’s qualifications to write the piece
4. The approximate word count of the article
Acceptance of a query or manuscript does not guarantee printing of the manuscript. Editors reserve the right to reject or hold off a manuscript at any stage, for any reason. Outstanding Woman Magazine also reserves the right to make any necessary edits for content and length requirements.

Please send all query letters to: Editor , editor@outstandingwoman.org . Once accepted, all articles should be no more than two pages in length (1200 words) and should be e-mailed or saved on a disk in a text format and accompanied by a printed hard copy of the article. Please include your name, address and daytime phone number.  Other requests, such as credit/byline information or any relevant photos/graphics will also be made at that time. Outstanding Woman Magazine impact women of all age in the marketplace.
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